What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

The search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the set of practices that should be carried out for a page or a website appear on the first page of results of a search engine.

Why do I need a good SEO?

No point having a good website if this is not shown in the first search results. Every minute occur in internet 1.4 million of searches for users of all kinds, so it is very safe, who daily are conducting searches of the products or services your company offers, so it is vital that your page exit the top positions.

Web Visibility

For your online business to succeed, you must have a good page and show the searches related to your products. Having a website without more, is like having a shop where nobody passes.
It is important to find customers, but it is much more important than your customers find you. Internet businesses are very similar to traditional. For a traditional business to succeed, you must have a good local with a good situation. On the internet, local is your website, and streets and avenues are the searches that users perform.

How can we improve the positioning of your web page?

Every day there are more pages and more difficult to position a web page, so it is important to leave to the professionals this task. Nobody can guarantee you a first place in any major search engine, as this depends on the browser, but if you can do everything, and all that recommends the search engine to try to achieve. You can perform a number of practices that improve the positioning of your website.

Keyword Analysis

We analyze the most appropriate to position your website keywords. It is very important to choose the right words and we want to position them more opportunities.

Alta Directories

The more pages linking to your site's relevance will give the search engines, so it is desirable to achieve the greatest possible number of links and the best way is registering in as many directories as possible.

Friendly URL's

After the domain, what they value most search engines are the urls that contain the right keywords and have an optimized structure help in positioning.

Validated codes

With a clean code, tidy and validated your site will be better valued by search engines.

Proper use of meta tags

With good use of meta tags and structure your site correctly optimized using H1 tags, H2, STRONG, etc., it is also important

Improve speed visualization

Besides being something important to the user, improving the speed at which your website loads also influences the positioning. As we said before, nothing ensures top spot in search engines, but doing these techniques and more, your page will improve the positioning and closer to your goal. If a website meets all necessary standards to meet these characteristics have more chances to excel and which do not meet these requirements.
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