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CompuCell System has highly qualified staff to solve all your technological problems, to guide and train you in solving them from the comfort of your home, workplace or internet.

CompuCell System has the most current and complete services technology in products and services, which allows us to be a leading company and applied throughout the island, our low and affordable prices, they offer a solution forever.
About Us

We are a company created with the needs and customer satisfaction, in addition to providing the confidence and security of all our experience in the world of technology which can offer you all variety is IT services ranging from sell and assemble your computer to your liking, need and budget, including a complete diagnosis for repairs to your PC from the comfort of your home or workplace, we also offer both individual and commercial preventive maintenance. We include Online Support, Data Recovery Hard, Install Software, Antivirus, Cabling and Configuring TCP / IP and Wireless, Web Design, Domains, Hosting, SEO, Landline (hipermarketing) Networks, advertise to business and stop being a page more without being accessed.

The correct operation of your computer in your company both at home is paramount, today we work with Internet, we share the same resources within our office and home, is a working tool, which has to work in perfect conditions. Given the frequent use of these tools, it needs maintenance to your computer is continuous, every day we are moving more in the field of new technologies so it is important that computer equipment up to date, and protect data with we work these must be confidential so you have to prevent potential attacks from the network.

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